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Sound recording



The challenge is always the same, the manner of achieving the best result is always different: recording exactly the right sound to go with the image; just that sound that goes with the whole picture.

Intriguing the subconscious.

Searching for elements that a sound technician wants to add, what you can achieve where the image falls short.

"If you can "hear" the sound, it's not right."

Galavazi Geluid


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The First Dutch Netflix Original (dramaseries 2019), director Giancarlo Sanchez, Michiel ten Horn, DOP Stephan Polman, Joris Kerbosch, production Pupkin/Netflix, function: Production Soundmixer

Backlight, episode Peter Pomerantsev (2019), director Shuchen Tan, DOP Erik van Empel, function:Sound

Arising from the Ground, Art Installation (2018), artist Mariken Wessels, function: underwater photography and -film

The making of Who the f*** is Oom Jo?, documentary (2018), director Ineke Houtman, DOP Sander Snoep, production EO, function:Sound

HOY CUBA! documentary series (2018), director Maaike de Gruyter, DOP Joost van Herwijnen, production: VPRO function: Sound

Andalucía, documentaryseries (2018), director Stef Biemans, DOP Joost van Herwijnen, production Bicicléta TV, function: Sound

Erik Scherder looking for the Secret of Methusalem, documentaryseries (2018), director Sandra L.Poppenk, DOP Joost van Herwijnen, production EO, function: Sound

Berlin Alexanderplatz, feature film (2018), director Burhan Qurbani, DOP Yoshi Heimrath, production Sommerhaus/ Lemming, function: Production Sound Mixer

Hereafter, telefilm (2018), director Willem Bosch, DOP Jacco van Ree, production Pupkin, function: soundmixer/1st boomop

The Widow, dramaseries(2018), director Samuel Donovan, DOP Stuart Howell, production Two Brothers Pictures, function: soundmixer/1st boomop

Niet Schieten, feature film (2017), director Stijn Coninx, DOP Danny Elsen, production Eyeworks Be/KaapHolland, function: Production Soundmixer



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