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Simone Galavazi Geluid

Sound recording


Feature films, tv drama and documentaries are my favorite productions for recording sound. (Films: eg Het Leven is Vurrukkulluk, The Prime Minister, Tonio, De Marathon) (TV drama: eg Heer en Meester, Jeuk) and (documentary: eg Dwars door Afrika, O'Hanlons Helden, Speeches, Tegenlicht)

 - The more content the better,

 - The more adventurous the better,

 - Travel: great!

In a small crew with few resources or getting really stuck in on a large set: everything is possible and every production has its charm.


Underwater activities


My second nature next to Sound.
After days or months of walking around with headphones, it's a relief to not hear anything under water. Except perhaps the sound of your own breathing.

 - Think blue.

  - Very soothing.

 - What a fascinating world!

As a diving instructor it's also fascinating to bring across to my students, my enthusiasm and knowledge of the underwater world.

My Beagle Blogs


The Beagle (2009/2010) was a unique and unforgettable experience.

Traveling the world for a 35-part documentary series for the VPRO.

Meeting numerous scientists and, with them, filming various subjects with a common thread: the theory of evolution. A tribute to Charles Darwin and his book On The Origin of Species.

As far as the Galápagos I kept a blog which I tried to make as entertaining and informative as possible including photos posted on the Beagle Site.

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